Who Is Common Ground?

Common Ground is:

Bill Olien - Synths, samples, drones and loops.


Gary Johnson - Acoustic Guitar, electric guitar, Moog guitar, electric five string fretless bass, hand drums, drum sequences, samples, loops,cymbals, gong.


Hollan Holmes - Synths, sequences, art, design, layout, web stuff.


In late 2013, Bill Olien and Gary Johnson, of Resonant Drift fame, approached ambient space music composer Hollan Holmes about a collaboration. Holmes accepted and, in 2014, they began compiling what would turn out to be a formidable body of ideas. Over the course of about a year and a half, they shared ideas and files back and forth and, after dozens of song ideas were gathered, they narrowed it all down to nine tracks for the first CD. Hollan flew out to Event Horizon Studio and the three of them spent three days adding tracks, refining rough spots and recording live mixes. The final mixes were passed of to Robert Rich for mastering and Hollan went to work on the almost 180 hours of art that went into the digipak design and layout. The rest is history.